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Twinkle's Room

AGES 0 – 2 Years

The Twinkles room has been designed and equipped to promote physical skills such as crawling and walking, through utilising low-level furniture and apparatus to support children to reach their milestones. In addition to this the room will also begin promoting your child’s independence, communication and problem-solving skills. Practitioners are nurturing and responsive to the needs of the children. The environment is beautifully designed to stimulate development with plenty of sensory experiences offered to the children.

Practitioners plan fun-filled activities to begin encouraging children to join in and socialise with their peers. Staff focus on children’s communication skills, through action songs, using props to keep children’s attention.

Over 30 Years Experience in the childcare and development sector

Sparkle's Room

AGES 2 – 3 Years

The Sparkles room is designed to support your child’s emotional wellbeing at this crucial age and stage of development. Activities are tailored to children’s individual needs and interests, to challenge and excite their learning. We have designed the room to make spaces for children to engage in their desired activities and also to relax and unwind if they ever feel overwhelmed. The spaces can also be used for group time and to express their emotions and feelings through story time.

Purpose built play areas for your child's growth and education

Cherub's Room

AGES 3 – 5 Years

Within the Cherubs room, there is a huge focus on independence, school-readiness – with specific emphasis on mathematics and literacy. Activities are planned in-line with the EYFS, whilst following the child’s interests and abilities – to ensure that they are prepared for the next challenges they will face at ‘big school’.

Fully skilled staff and teachers to get your child ready for primary school

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